Always wanted to write a book?

...but don’t have time to learn how?  Excellent writing is a skill that can be taught.  By studying the best books on writing, you can learn how to write what you’ve always dreamed of, whether it is a novel, short story, poem, non-fiction work, or memoir.

But which book or books should you read?  A search on “writing books” on returns thousands of possibilities.  Over five years, the author has researched 300+ books on writing, read one hundred from start to finish, and analyzed the top 50, so you don’t have to.  

The Writer's Reader: Advice from the 50 Best Books on Writing

Michele Gibson is the author of the forthcoming book:  The Writer’s Reader:  Advice from the 50 Best Books on Writing. Quickly learn what you need to know to get your book written.

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